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About us

The MISSION of maggyPie is to protect Information Security and Data Privacy.

We are a group of security-minded IT professionals with a focus to protect individuals and users right to privacy.

Our goal is to make the internet a safer, more secure, and more private place. We aim to reduce identity theft, data theft, and discourage black market, deep web, and dark web engagement.

We encourage a smart and safe online atmosphere for all users – everyday or gurus.

We have services for all ages – from youth to retired.
These include, but are not limited to: Chirps, IT consulting, social media, polls, shopping, calendar of events, and classified listings.
There is No login, no account, no sign-up, nor any advertisements for any of our services. There's only a minimal amount of retention of information after processing an order. There's no mailing list nor subscriptions. We only ask necessary information when using our services.
In terms of our website, almost everything is custom coded. There are no unnecessary libraries, add-ons, dependencies, or bloatware APIs. Most of our framework is lightweight; we do not use wordpress nor any cookie-cutter templates.