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Check out the photo stick! 10-22-2021

Photo Stick is here!

This nifty gadget backs up all of your pictures, videos, mp3s, and other memories. It's a sinch to use! 1) Install the photostick app. 2) Plug into your phone and wait for transfer. 3) Plug into computer to transfer over - wala!

No cloud storage whatsoever!

Get your Photostick here from maggyPie

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Do you REALLY "Agree to the Terms of Service"? 10-12-2021

"I agree to the Terms of Service" is the BIGGEST LIE on the internet, without question.

It can take anywhere from 10 minutes (gazing) to 30 minutes (actually reading) to even try to begin to understand most companies TOS.

This isn't practical, this is not economical, this isn't reality. Again, we're expected to read ALL of it AND AGREE to it. Do YOU actually read and consent to ALL of it? Who has the time for it?

At maggyPie, we are aiming to fix that. You can read our TOS ( in less than 3 minutes - yes, you read that right! OK, if you're scanning every word, maybe 5 minutes - but you get the idea...

Be extremely weary and cautious if you cannot understand the TOS, or if it's too long, or too confusing. At maggyPie, we try to keep it simple. We simply do NOT track information that most other companies do - we respect your right to privacy.

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Thank you, great article!


maggyPie working on AI Rock, Paper, Scissors game 09-12-2021

maggyPie is currently working on a machine learning program that will teach itself how to win at Rock, Paper, Scissors!
A very simple game indeed - a sinch to learn, and easy to master...enter machine intelligence.

At first glance, this game appears to be completely random - after all, it's just playing "whatever I feel like, right?"

Well, not so fast. If you are playing as a human (which you are), chances are you aren't playing truly random - which means there are methods and certain styles of play. After a while, your style will become a trend. Our goal is to challenge any human in Rock, Paper, Scissors to defeat their style. Stay tuned!

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That's no easy feat, trust me - been doing this for a few years and there's a lot more to it than what you think.


Best of luck to you!




That's a good library!


Tensorflow, for now...


Which programs and libraries are you using?


maggyPie shirts are here! 08-14-2021

Brand new 100% cotton t-shirts are here now! All various colors. Shirts

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I just got one! The sizes tend to run just a bit small, so if you are a large...go with the XL.


Freedom isn't free 07-11-2021

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!
Continue to be safe, as we continue to honor our veterans and loved ones.

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Shred your hotel room key after checking out 06-30-2021

The days of the old school metal keys are over with for lodging. Most places have adapted to those little handy electronic plastic keycards sometime in the very early 21st century.

So, what information is stored on those cards exactly? This question contains much controversy in itself. Technically, they could get by with just encoding the room # and the length of stay. They already have your personal information stored in a database, and don't need to put any of that information on the card itself. However, as this probably doesn't suprise you, some places were found storing all kinds of customer data, even data that was stored in their database, such as:

Credit card number
Full name
Complete address
Phone #
Length of stay
Smoking room?

As you can see, remember the #1 rule "never trust user input".

Shred your cards after checkout, never hand them back in. There is no extra charge to keep them.

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Scratch your CVV off of your credit card 06-29-2021

Although you do need to memorize it, you don't need the CVV code to actually be on the back of your debit/credit card.Just scratch it off!

If you leave your CVV on the back of your card, your information becomes susceptible to theft as someone can write down the information, or better yet, take a picture with their phone.

Although there is always a possibility of information theft without the CVV number, it greatly reduces the attack vector that the thief can use, since many websites require the CVV. Without it, many merchants will not honor the card.

P.S. If you're worried that someone has your CVV, report the card stolen and get a new one!

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Under NO circumstances should you still be using magnetic stripe readers 06-27-2021

Always use EMV (chip) transactions

Whether you're a business or customer, always use the EMV chip authentication for transactions. Many merchants still have failed to become EMV compliant and have not upgraded their POS to EMV technology. This is a huge liability and can spell trouble for your business. If you see any signs that say "our chip reader is down, or please use magnetic stripe", stay FAR FAR away from this business.

EMV uses cryptographic authentication and a series of other complex "handshakes" to determine authentication, whereas magnetic stripe readers don't have those security measures.

While waiting in line to pay for fuel (and other goods), there was someone in front of me who's debit card wasn't working - kept saying: "Debit Card Chip Malfunction". It kept on giving him the error, even after cleaning it with a cloth and re-attempting multiple times to use the chip. After 3 times, it usually defaults to use the magnetic stripe reader.

Under no circumstances should we be using the magnetic stripe reader for any transactions. Sometimes our cards do not work because they are dirty, and/or have normal "wear and tear". If you feel this is a the case, you should replace your card as soon as possible.

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The Domino Effect of our Infrastructure 06-09-2021


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Signal Private Messaging App 05-19-2021

When you send anything and/or receive via Signal (text, emojis, images/pics, videos) is encrypted. When your data is encrypted, only the intended specified recipient(s) can see the data.

Even better, Signal does not store any data, which means it can't be leaked out - purposefully or accidentally.

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