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Conforming to Industry Standards of 2021

Web design - Security, Scalability & SEO ▼

✔ Web design - Security, Scalability, Flexibility, SEO ▲

Getting onboard with industry standards isn't a one-time fix. It's a mindset. Learn how we get you into the mindset of the future. Our people are experts in a variety of programming languages and frameworks - whether you want a traditional wordpress site or completely custom-built PHP site, you just let us know.

Asset Configuration ▼

⚙ Asset Configuration ▲

Optimal configuration of servers, desktops, phones, and other assets up to industry standards. Our goal is to keep you updated with best practices & sound design.

🤵 1-on-1 Coaching ▼

🤵 1-on-1 Coaching ▲

Single expert assignment. Our consulting service provides quality time - one on one with an expert in the industry. No more overkill with teams and convoluted processes. Whether your focus is on infrastructure, assets, or management, we have someone to suit your needs.

📗 Virtualization ▼

📗 Virtualization ▲

Migrate to a more flexible and scalable model. Say goodbye to physical medium and boundaries and learn the power of virtualization.

💳 Quotes ▼

💳 Quotes ▲

At maggyPie, we will give you what you need - whether it's a high level overview, or a subject-matter-expert (SME) focus area. Our quotes for consulting services are $49 per hour. No extra fees or hidden agendas. Feel free to e-mail us to get started today!